Expansion and Renovation of the Bible House 

The project consists in renewing the building of the Bible House which is old closely 50 years. Situated on a central axis of the major city Yaounde, it turns out that it architecture does not answer any more to the image that the urban community is spirit to look to the city at present. If we do not proceed to it  renovation, we shall take the risk of seeing the house destroyed in the future as it is already the case in the city in many neighborhood. 

Our neighbors have begun to work on their building. It is an outside threat for us certainly, but the project will give a new frame of work adapted to the current context, will heighten the visibility of the Bible House and will allow to generate new supplementary incomes to support the production and the distribution of Holy Scriptures as well as the holistic programs which are our preoccupation today.Project Cost: $123,482.26  - (Project No 73338)