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Towards the end of the 1700s, Mary Jones, an illiterate young Welsh girl from a poor family, regularly attended Bible studies with her parents. This is how she developed a thirst for the word of God and a passion for the Bible. Her greatest wish is to read the Bible herself.

But there are many obstacles. She does her utmost to brave these hurdles by first learning to read and write and then working hard to earn enough money to buy herself a Bible. At that time, the bible was very rare. Mary Jones does not give up. She walked 50 miles back and forth to get one from Pastor Charles in Bala.

The story of this young girl made such an impression on Pastor Charles that he told it to friends, all of whom pledged to produce Bibles at a lower cost for the people of Wales and indeed the whole of the UK. Thus the British Foreign Bible Society was founded on 7th March 1804. Other Bible Societies were established in Europe and America. Later, on May 9, 1946, these Bible Societies established a common association: the World Bible Society.

In 1959, a Dutch pastor by the name of Yves Schaaf arrived in Cameroon with the mission to open a Bible Society agency in agreement with the churches in Cameroon. This new agency was also to serve Gabon and Equatorial Guinea. Previously, the distribution was done in Cameroon from the West African branch of the Bible and Foreign Bible Society in Abidjan, and this since 1870.

In November 1959, the Yaounde agency began its work in a small room in the city’s commercial centre. The agency was inaugurated in January 1961 by the Prime Minister, Mr. Charles Assale.

The first board of directors was formed in 1962.

The Bible Alliance of Cameroon (ABC) is a non-profit Christian organisation created in 1959 in Yaoundé to serve all churches. It is recognized by Order No. 1634/ INT/ 2 of 28/10/1959 and ratified by Order No. 14/R/MINAT/DAP/LP/1 of 12/10/1972. Since 1988, the ABC has been a full member of the Universal Biblical Alliance (UBA), which is active in more than 200 countries and territories throughout the world. Convinced that the Bible is for everyone, we work to hasten the day when every person will be able to access the Bible in the appropriate language and through the appropriate medium of his or her choice.

Our Mission Statement
The mission of the ABC is to disseminate the Bible as widely as possible, effectively and wisely, in languages and media appropriate to the needs of human beings, at prices within everyone’s reach, and to help people enter into dialogue with the Word of God.

Our Vision
The Bible for everyone in the language and medium that suits them best.

Our values
The values of the ABC are :

Christian witness ;
Our objectives
To translate and produce the Holy Scriptures, in whole or in part, in various media, without doctrinal commentary, and to make them available at prices within everyone’s reach;
To ensure the wider dissemination of the Holy Scriptures in various media by the churches and by other means;
To help people interact with the Word of God;
To generate spiritual, financial and material support for the local and global work of the Bible Societies;
To develop useful cooperation with any organisation at national or international level with the same objectives;
To develop holistic programmes.
Our Contact Details
The Biblical Alliance of Cameroon whose general management is in Yaounde is present throughout the country through its six regional delegations, namely

Its General Direction based in Yaounde (274 Avenue Foch) Rue du Capitole, BP: 1133 Yaounde. Tel: 677131151

Extrême-nord, Nord, Adamoua / head office: Domayo boulevard du Renouveau/ BP: 955 Maroua/ tel: 222291813

Littoral/ Headquarters : Cité Sic (next to the old Grace pharmacy) / PO Box: 17060 / Tel: 233405660

Centre and South / Headquarters: Yaounde Rue du Capitole / B.P.: 1133 Yaounde / Tel: 677644760 – 696719612

Bamenda / Station Hill: Opposite Handicraft / Tel : 677310348 / 699990120

West (located behind SOREPCO Tamdja before INSAM/ Tel: 699747910- 652015160)

EAST (located next to the party house/ Tel: 222241396/ BP: 648

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