Give them the guidebook to eternal life


Nine out of 10 young people live in the developing world, where they make up around half of the total population. In some developing nations, young people comprise as much as 70% of the population.

“They were all excited, because each one of them heard the believers speaking in his or her own language.” Acts 2:6b

As a rule young people speak a non-religious language. They are interested in knowing if you can identify on their level and within their cultural framework. Allow UBS to challenge you to impact their lives with the eternal sense of meaning, hope and inspiration by sharing how the Lord of the Bible has helped you. Young people often think that life is pointless and it has little meaning. They frequently struggle with loneliness, feelings of worthlessness, relativistic confusion, anger, hurt, meaninglessness, indifference and unmet needs. Many of today’s youth wonder why they are here.


Ask the Lord to give you the ability to use whatever you have to meet the needs of young people through a loving, caring and understanding relationship. Seek to become friends, as friends have a way of communicating across cultural barriers because they see through all of our human limitations. Young people will listen to you when they learn to trust you. Frequently this means that you may leave the walls of the church or home to reach out where they are. Ask the Lord to give you the wisdom to go to events where you can meet, interact and minister to young people on their turf and where they feel comfortable.

When connections have been created we invite you to share the Bible with young people. Since many have never owned one, young people will love it if you not only hand them the physical book but also help them interact with it. They will appreciate it if you read interactively or role-play as you pretend you are part of the story. Ask about their thoughts and their applications to the Scripture. Tell them how this Book is read and what the major themes are.

Would you pray for today’s young people as a way of connecting with their spiritual needs? Would you give them a Bible as a guidebook to eternal life? Or perhaps you would like us to do it with you. Below you will have an opportunity to donate in support of Bible engagement for young people. Together we can “tell the next generation of the wonderful things He has done….” Psalm 78:4 Together we can reach one teenager for Christ at a time.

Give them the guidebook to eternal life!

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