Bible aux orphelins

Give the Word of God to the vulnerable and orphans children

To lose one’s parents because of AIDS in such a poverty context. To grow with a sick relative or without relative. To raise one’s brothers and sisters when one is just 10. To be abandoned in a corner of the street by a young irresponsible mother who estimates not have means to raise her child or has gone insane… that  is what Cameroon is enduring, face  a  total pandemic of AIDS, the irresponsibility of young parents and the climb of madness. Children are, obviously, the quiet and sometimes forgotten victims. The orphanages and the reintegration centres collect them and try, as far as possible, to grant a minimum of training to them. These centres also face hard financial difficulties.

In November 2006, the Bible Society of Cameroon launched a project of fundraising to distribute Bibles to this target public. The funds collected have enabled us to distribute the scriptures in five orphanages. That act was so much appreciated by the public, the receivers as well as the responsible of centres.  Testimonies were received from the beneficiaries and were so motivated.

The project aims to distribute Bibles and Portions to the children of the orphanages and reintegration centres of Cameroon. It will be a question of numbering centres in the seven major cities of the country. Bibles and portions will be given directly to the children who will be able to use them for their blooming.

The program will beimplimented in partnership with Awana and local churches. (Project No 73340).


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